First Annual Pulte Family Foundation Gift Guide

Many Pulte Family Foundation grantees run social- and micro-enterprises that help advance their life-changing work. Our grants manger, James, had the brilliant idea of putting all these enterprises in one easily accessible spot. We hope you enjoy the first annual Pulte Family Foundation Gift Guide as much as we enjoyed creating it. Click here to access the guide.

An Important Statement From The Pulte Family Foundation

The Pulte Family is a large family blessed with many philanthropic members who go about giving in their own unique ways.

To help cut down on confusion and protect against those with ill intent please note the following:

The Pulte Family Foundation was founded by Pulte Homes founder, William (Bill) J. Pulte. William J. Pulte passed away in 2018. The Pulte Family Charitable Foundation aka Pulte Family Foundation is completely and wholly separate from the Twitter Philanthropist, Bill Pulte. Bill Pulte is one of William J. Pulte’s 27 grandchildren.

The Pulte Family Foundation does not give grants directly to individuals but instead partners with nonprofit organizations that are in the trenches doing the work meeting the needs of the most marginalized members of our human family. So while the Pulte Family Foundation cannot render aid on an individual basis, we can direct individuals to our partners and affiliates who can. If you are an individual who needs help please click here for a list of organizations that could possibly help you.

Selfless Love Foundation 2021 Dream Tank

The Pulte Family Foundation is proud to support Selfless Love Foundation and One Voice IMPAACT (OVI).

Selfless Love Foundation enriches and transforms the lives of current and former foster youth through raising awareness, strategic partnerships, and advocacy. OVI is Selfless Love Foundation’s youth voice initiative. This statewide collaborative effort focuses on amplifying youth voice by giving them a safe space to advocate for their needs, offering them a platform to drive changes, and providing leadership training to propel them forward.

The Pulte Family Foundation sponsored Selfless Love Foundation’s Dream Tank Competition on May 1. Five finalists got the chance to present their dreams – ranging from becoming a legislative leader or savvy investor to fostering foster youth – to a panel of judges. Pulte Family Foundation Vice-President Mark Pulte served as a judge at the competition.

Check out the five Dream Tank finalists below. Former foster youth Pitbull surprised the youth and guests by coming to the stage to announce the winner: A’Miracle Smith.


For a full recap of the Dream Tank click here.