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The Center for Interreligious Understanding

Grantee Location
Teaneck, NJ

Bill Pulte’s involvement with the Center for Interreligious Understanding (CIU) began with a friendship with CIU founder and director, Rabbi Jack Bemporad. Both men believed in the healing and connecting powers within and across religions. Today, the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation is proud to continue Bill’s legacy in partnership with CIU. The Foundation gave $20,000 to CIU in 2020.

The CIU brings people of all faiths together to explore shared values, common goals, and the theological foundations of the world’s religions in order to foster genuine understanding. By fighting religious stereotypes and intolerance, the CIU works towards a society of justice and peace, where religions are the voice of humanity and conscience of society. 

Examples of the CIU’s work includes:

  • The CIU educates theologians, academics and laity about interfaith issues among Christians, Jews and Muslims.
  • The CIU analyzes major theological developments through articles, conferences and speeches at leading institutionssuch as the United Nations, at national and international universities, and at temples, churches and mosques around the world.
  • The CIU hosts groundbreaking and innovative programs such as its “Law and Ethics in Judaism and Islam,” in which Jewish and Muslim scholars discussed the methodology they use to analyze religions texts. 

The Center for Interreligious Understanding (CIU) imagines a world where our common religious values shape a common future. Visit www.ciunow.org to learn more.

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