What We Fund

Celebrating the inherent value of every person

We support humanitarian initiatives led by nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. We currently partner with over 200 nonprofits in the United States and six continents around the world. Explore our Grantee Directory to learn about our partnerships.

Guided by the belief in the inherent dignity of all persons, the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation works to meet the basic human needs of the most marginalized members of the human family, including socioeconomically disadvantaged youth; the aged; persons with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities; and those with the fewest material resources.

In addition to the above, the Foundation seeks to serve religious communities and correlative organizations of Judeo-Christian beliefs. To this end, the Foundation strives to enact through its grantees the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy: feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty; clothe the naked; care for captives; shelter the homeless; visit the sick, and assist the mourning.



Are you affiliated with Bill Pulte of the Bill Pulte Foundation or Twitter Philanthropy?


We are not affiliated with the Bill Pulte of the Bill Pulte Foundation and Twitter Philanthropy. Bill Pulte (@Pulte) is not a sanctioned representative of the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation, nor of our founder William J. Pulte (1923-2018).

Are you affiliated with The Pulte Family @realPulteFamily on Twitter?


We are not affiliated with the The Pulte Family (@realPulteFamily) on Twitter.

Are you affiliated with the Pulte Institute of Global Development at the University of Notre Dame?


As an integral part of the Keough School of Global Affairs, the Pulte Institute of Global Development at the University of Notre Dame  addresses global poverty and inequality through policy, practice, and partnership. It designs, implements, monitors, and evaluates projects and programs that promote human dignity, empowering the world’s poorest and vulnerable populations to flourish.

Are you affiliated with Pulte Homes or Pulte Group?


The Pulte Family Charitable Foundation is wholly independent of Pulte Homes and PulteGroup, Inc. and was established through the personal generosity of William J. Pulte (1932-2018), Master Builder.

What does the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation fund?

We support humanitarian initiatives in the United States and globally led by nonprofit organizations and educational institutions that align with our Four Areas of Giving: Care for Others | Education | Hunger & Thirst | Shelter.


What does the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation not fund?

The Foundation does not fund individuals, lobbying,  political efforts, for-profit entities, or other grantmaking organizations.


In accordance with the Founder’s Judeo-Christian religious and moral beliefs, The Foundation will not grant monies to organizations that directly or indirectly, through their subsidiaries, support research, programming and services that disregard the inherent dignity of all persons, from which follows the right to life from conception to natural death.

Does the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation provide direct funding to individuals?

No. The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. We do not directly fund individuals.

The Foundation does grant scholarships to individuals which are allocated directly through educational institutions, such as trade schools and universities. We currently support scholarships at the University of Notre Dame, Ferris State University, Academy of the Sacred Heart, Southeast Michigan Construction Academy, Industrial Arts Institute, and Mackinac Island Public Schools.


Resources for Individuals: If you are an individual in need of support, please visit www.211.org to access resources in your community.


Fraud Alert: The Foundation will never ask individuals to send money or provide financial information. If you’ve encountered a fraudulent request for funds or a have concerns regarding a scam, The Federal Trade Commission, a division of the United States Government, offers resources and consumer advice at https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/what-do-if-you-were-scammed

How can my organization apply for funding?

We are proud to support 200+ nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Currently, we do not accept unsolicited grant proposals.


Resources for nonprofits: If you are a nonprofit seeking to research organizations that may provide grant or funding opportunities, please visit GuideStar.

Who are your Grantees?

Explore our Grantee Directory and learn more about our grantees in our Annual Reports.