Our Housing Initiatives

Our founder, William J. Pulte (1932-2018), was not only a builder of homes, he was also a builder of communities. We partner with nonprofit organizations to provide access to safe and affordable housing.

In addition, we build and support housing communities for individuals and families living at or below the poverty line and individuals with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities, such as our partnership with Champions Community Foundation.

Our role is to provide the strategic vision and, together with community partners, advance the investments needed to build and support affordable housing communities.

We are embarking on two new housing initiatives with community foundations in Florida. Through these partnerships, we are advancing affordable housing for low-income families in Immokalee and independent living options for adults with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities in South Florida.

South Florida

The IDDeal Place

One of the most basic needs for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) is housing designed for independent living. In Florida, over 430,000 people are diagnosed with I/DD, yet Florida ranks 49th in the nation for providing services for I/DD populations.

In partnership with the Intellectually Developmentally Disabled Community Foundation and the IDDeal Foundation, we are building a small independent residential community, “the IDDeal Place,” for individuals with mild to moderate I/DD in South Florida.

The IDDeal Place will provide an affordable, inclusive, safe, and supportive community where adults with I/DD are able to cultivate the skills, relationships, and safety they need to live with purpose for independent and fulfilling lives. We are currently exploring land opportunities in Florida’s Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Click on The IDDeal Place Brochure to learn more.


Immokalee, Florida

Nuestra Señora De La Vivienda Community Foundation (Our Lady of Housing)

Immokalee is an agricultural community with a large migrant farming population located in Southwest Florida, with over 40 percent of the population living below the poverty level.  Immokalee is facing a decades-long housing crisis. There is a shortage of safe, affordable housing in Immokalee, creating strain on the community’s families, students, workforce, and economy. Together with the Nuestra Señora De La Vivienda Community Foundation, we are taking a community-first approach to focus on safe, affordable housing, early childhood education, and supportive programs to help families live successful and healthy lives in Immokalee.

We seek to develop affordable single-family homes for rent to improve local housing access and stability while strengthening our nonprofit partnerships for early education and other family-centered initiatives in the community. To learn more about our affordable housing initiative and how you can help, visit Nuestra’s website NSDLV.org